Capcut Overlays – The Optimum Guide

Capcut Overlays 

After spending a heavy budget on vacations, you could not capture the snowy, rainy, and fireworks scenes. The places’ freshness, beauty, and naturality are not in the pictures. This situation hurts badly because pictures and videos keep you connected with memories. You can recall every scene or moment as it is if it is captured seamlessly. Sometimes, your camera and phone cannot click the real beauty of the scenes. Please don’t blame them because it is sometimes due to dim or excess light. Don’t be sad; paste the scene from your mind on your phone now. Is it a joke? No, not at all. You can do this with Capcut Overlays, a lovely addition to the Capcut App.

What is Capcut Overlays? 

Stacking pictures or videos one over the other to make them all visible in one frame is a trend. People always make such videos to get millions of views and likes. People always need clarification about the following things. For example, what is layering? How can we make the layers of videos and pictures?

Most importantly, what is Capcut Overlays? The overlays feature permits you to make a stack of pictures or videos. Stack means adding pictures or videos on top of the videos. If you still need clarification, assume a basket with one open-ended appearance, where you put the books one after the other. 

In the case of taking these books out, first, you will pick the book you kept in the end. Now, I hope you have got the abstraction of stacking. Implement this concept on the Capcut feature overlays. The feature requires you to import the videos or content from the gallery first. 

Capcut Overlays

Afterward, you can stack the content using the Overlays option at the bottom of the main interface. Otherwise, you can scroll from left to right to locate the overlays. Consequently, this feature enables you to deal with your content according o your intentions. In the end, you have the best visuals in return.

Pros and Cons of Capcut Overlays


  • Boosted Creativity
  • High-Quality Visuals
  • Engagement and interaction
  • Flexible
  • Free


  • Violation of Terms and Conditions
  • Copyright Issues

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Why Capcut overlay is important? 

You can forward your message expertly to your listeners. In this way, there is no need to make separate clips; merge all the required elements and videos for a final creative visual. You can overlay text and stickers along with music and film to give the information in a better way. Notably, professionals always advise making a 60 seconds video. In this 60 seconds video, you can add unlimited effects, elements, and soundtracks. This way, the audience will see everything immediately and get a mindblowing user experience.

How to add Overlay on Capcut?

Capcut has a simple and secure user interface that quickly turns your messy and boring videos into a more stunning version. The overlay feature further helps you to make your video more handsome.

Download Capcut 

  • You can download the Capcut application from different sources according to ease.
  • Several websites offer your Capcut download links, and you can also access Google and Apple play store for this purpose.

New Project 

  • After Launching, you need to open the Capcut application. 
  • Explore the app and get familiar with all its features and functions. 
  • You can enter to new project with a click on “New Project”.


  • Next, the application asks you to import videos from the gallery. 

Add Overlays 

  • After importing a video from the gallery, you will see an option “Overlay” at the bottom. Tap on it. 
  • Afterward, you will see your reel; at that time, you must select the video you want to overlay on your main video. After selection, click on “Add”. The app will direct you back to the main interface, where you will see both videos as a stack. 

Overlay Text 

  • If you want to give a textual statement with your video, tap “Text,” which will make an additional text layer over the main video.

Overlay Stickers 

  • Make your video more attractive by adding stickers as the text. There is the option “Stickers”; click on it.

Position Adjustment 

  • You can adjust the video you want to overlay above the primary video. 
  • You need to focus in and focus on the video with your fingers. 
  • In this way, the video will cover the complete area of the main video. 
  • Similarly, if you want to put effects on a specific portion, you can take overlay video to that position with just your fingertip.

Opacity Adjustment 

  • Ensure that the duration between both videos is the same or not. You can even adjust the duration according to you. 
  • In addition, After clicking on the main video, you will get the options at the bottom. From where tap on “splice” to merge the video and to give the new filter to your main video. Also, you can adjust opacity from here.


  • If you have done with all customizations, export the video to your social platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions for Capcut Ovarlays

Capcut Overlays are the most discussed topic due to some queries we will address here.

Overlays on Capcut is the most demanding and effective feature that allows you to align multiple videos over your video in a stack.

You can access all other features without cost; similarly, you can use overlays without going to in-app purchases.

After layering videos one after the other, you can easily adjust them to span the filters and effects.

If you want to add customized effects or filters to your content, overlays assist with other compatible options.

Final Verdict 

In summary, effects and filters improve the visibility and quality of the characters in a video. Meanwhile, you can also use custom design and sound effects with overlays. This way, you can complete your content with additional but imperative elements. The overlay feature works and implements the videos effectively, and one can capture the gap between the videos. Therefore, it is famous among teens.